2 www.howardhannaprofessionals.com This magazine is designed to promote all of our residential listings throughout the twin tiers. We have offices based in Olean, Bradford, Smethport and Kane. We will be producing these publications during the year. We will have them available at our offices and throughout our communities at various locations. There will be boxes set up at grocery stores, hotels and places that are visited regularly. Howard Hanna Professionals was established in April 2017 with the franchise merging two companies, DBP Realty in Olean and Penn Laurel Realty in Bradford. In November 2017, the group merged with Chosen Acres Realty in Smethport and Bradford and Katy Realty in Kane. We are now the largest company in McKean County. I am proud to say that we have the most professional and trained agents in the area. Our agents have been through extensive classes and training sessions to service our buyers and sellers in the most productive way possible. Most of our agents are full time and make their living selling real estate. They all have a passion and desire to make your dream of owning a home come true or assist you in selling your home to move on in life. Our agents are all pictured in the center of this book. Finally, I want to thank all of our sponsors. Without their help this magazine would not be possible. I ask all of you to please patronize these businesses. They are the very heart of all our towns and neighborhoods. I hope you enjoy viewing our homes and we look forward to working with you and we value each and every one of you. Welcome to Howard Hanna Professionals “Showcase of Homes”!